False Promises


about 8’00”

conducted improvisation


2022-11-30: Emory Fall Composition Showcase


False Promises is a conducted improvisation with members of Emory’s music community. Our collective improvisation evolved from pointillistic textures over a continuous bassline into a march-like cadence – a “troll march” according to one of the participants. The name comes from the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamlin, in which a mysterious figure attracts and leads (or conducts?) away the children of a small town through the magical power of his instrument. Recorded at the Emory Performing Arts Studio on 11/30/2022.


Alex Petralia – bass
Sam Berliner-Sachs – hi-hat
Zoe Stephens – dulcimer
Naomi Layne – piano

Eli Parrish – clarinet
Andrew Choi, Sean Parker, Jacob Ennis-Bailey – cellos
Ann Felicia Sinsuan – flute
Joel Rust – banjo

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